The Seneca White Deer Experience

The White Deer Experience

The former Seneca Army Depot is home to the world’s largest herd of white, whitetail deer. Often called the ‘ghost deer” this unique color phase of the normal brown whitetails are sure to excite everyone who has the opportunity to see them. When added in with the colorful military and civilian history of the depot, it makes for a rewarding experience found nowhere else on our planet.

Management of the white deer within the former Depot increases the proportion of deer exhibiting the trait.  In an unprotected environment, white deer are usually easy prey for predators or hunters. The limited predators and controlled hunting on the former Depot have allowed the white deer to interbreed and increase in numbers for more than 60 years. Other white deer herds exist in protected environments, including white fallow deer in Ireland, but none of those herds are as large as the white, whitetail deer of the Depot.

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Combine your visit to the White Deer Sanctuary with accommodations at Cayuga Lake Cabins, located a short drive from Seneca Army Depot.  Call 607-738-9288 today to book your stay!